About Facility

VAPTECH’ corporate philosophy is based on the principle to deliver solutions with highest efficiency and productivity. Therefore, we develop every project specifically according to our customer requirements. VAPTECH uses latest software and methodology for creating parametric models that allows for shorter design time and guarantee for high efficiency, 3D modeling, Linear Static Stress Analysis, Frequency & Buckling Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Non-Linear Analysis, Analysis of Composites, Fatigue Analysis, CFD Fluid Flow Analysis, ASME Stress Analysis, Design Optimization, FEA.  


Once the engineering is done, the project is transferred to VAPTECH’ own mechanical workshop with an area of 40000 sq.m. that is equipped and capable of closing the entire production process for heavy welded and machined steel structures. This allows for highest control on quality and time for delivery. 



The development of every project in VAPTECH is coordinated by our experienced Project Management team who knows all the details of the project and works closely with our customers in order to achieve clear communication, adequate feedback and realistic deadline agreements. VAPTECH' project managers make sure that the projects run smoothly and keep the costumer informed through regular progress reporting.