Hydropower Products and services


Hydropower Solutions

VAPTECH's Hydro Power division consists of engineers and experts specialized in the delivery and integration of complete solutions for hydropower plants to the entire satisfaction of the client. 

VAPTECH has over 70 years of experience and traditions in the production of various turbines and Inlet valves. Till this day, VAPTECH manufactures and tests all mechanical equipment in its own production facility. With this vast experience VAPTECH has earned a strong reputation for its high quality and unique approach in every hydro project. 

VAPTECH Supports plant owners in both greenfield and existing projects by developing and delivering the most efficient electromechanical solutions that would best fit the project requirements. 


Pelton Turbines

Pelton turbines are used in projects with medium to high heads and a strong flow variation. VAPTECH provides Pelton turbines with both horizontal oand vertical shaft arrangements and with 1 to 6 injectors.

According to VAPTECH' standards, the Pelton runner is CNC machined from one piece of high quality stainless steel. Each runner passes through our inhouse quality controll to be dynamically balanced and measured to assure that the physical part is exact with the computer model.

In case of emergency shutdown, the injectors are equipped with hydraulically operated individual deflectors for immediate diversion of the water jet from the runner. Every injector is put under series of functional and pressure testing.


Francis Turbines

Francis turbines are mainly used for medium heads and relatively low fluctuation in the water discharge. Francis turbines developed by VAPTECH demonstrate high performance in terms of efficiency, lack of cavitation and vibration in the specific speed range from ns 80 to ns 300.

The runner is a welded construction of high quality stainless steel casting for the crown, band and blades. The finished runner is controlled and abides to the IEC standards.

VAPTECH' Francis turbines are fully assembled in our workshop and are tested for functionality and for pressure resistance.

The assembled and tested turbine is delivered to project site, ready for a fast and smooth installation process.


Kaplan Turbines

The Kaplan turbines are designed for projects with low and very low heads with a strong flow variation.

VAPTECH manufactures vertical shaft Kaplan turbines with 3 to 6 runner blades and with double regulation. For runner diameters up to 1400 mm, VAPTECH use steel spiral casings. For bigger runner diameters we offer concrete spiral casings.

VAPTECH' Kaplan turbines are manufactured from high quality stainless steel castings with CNC machines. The surface of the blade passes through our inhouse quality control in order to assure that the physical part is exact with the computer model.


Spherical valves

High pressure valves 

VAPTECH' standar Spherical valves are designed for a diameter range between 300 to 1000 mm and pressure ratings of: 40, 63 and 100 bar. The valve opening is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder and the closing of the valve is controlled by a counter weight. The seal of the rotor to the valve body is controlled by a movable stainless steel sealing that is actuated through a water-oil pressure system.

Outside its standard line, VAPTECH develops spherical valves for a specific pressure and with diameters up to 3000 mm. The sealing system can be optionally equipped with an additional maintenance seal, that when activated, allows for inspection of the main seal without draining the penstock water.

The valve function can be alternatively realized with a double acting hydraulic cylinder or with an electrical actuator. Additionally the valve can be equipped with upstream and downstream pipes, bypass system, hydraulic pressure unit and digital control system.


Butterfly valves

Middle and low pressure valves 

VAPTECH' standard Butterfly valves cover a diameter range between 300 to 1400 mm with pressure ratings of: 6, 10, 16 and 25 bar. The valves opening is performed by a hydraulic cylinder and the closing of the valve is performed by a counter weight.

Outside the standard line, VAPTECH develops butterfly valves with a specific pressure up to 40 bar and diameter up to 5000 mm. Depending on the relation between the inlet diameter, pressure and water speed, the rotor is designed as a disk or as a lattice. The valve function can be alternatively realized with a double acting hydraulic cylinder, an electrical actuator or with a handwheel. Additionally the valve can be equipped with an upstream and downstream pipes, bypass system, hydraulic pressure unit and digital control system.


Digital control system

For continuous and optimum operation 

The digital control system is designed to provide full automation for the regulation, interaction and synchronization of the hydromechanical systems:  

• Turbine regulating system
• Turbine inlet valve
• Bypass system
• Intake hydraulic steel structures

The automation algorithm is developed by VAPTECH experts and is intended to deliver a smooth operation of the entire electromechanical system. Based on the specific requirements of the customer and the grid operator, the mode of the turbine regulator can be set according to the water intake level or the capacity of the generating unit. The control system can be easily accessed remotely via internet or satellite.


Modernization and Renewal

Hydropower stations are built to serve their owners for the long term. With the right maintenance program, the life of the electromechanical system can be extended for more than 100 years.

For existing power stations, VAPTECH provides diagnostics, analysis, emergency services, spare parts, repair and redesign in order to increase the efficiency of the turbine, to modernize the hydraulic and control system and to install additional capacity to the power station.