Metal forming Products and services


Metal Forming Department

VAPTECH’s Metal Forming Department specializes in the field of sheet metal forming products and manufactures intelligent solutions to ensure reliable and efficient production of small, medium-sized and large parts used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, electrics, electronics, domestic appliances, metal packing among many others. 

With our personalized solutions and standard portfolio products, VAPTECH is dedicated to delivering cost-effective, highly productive and reliable equipment. Our turnkey solutions are developed, designed, manufactured in-house and installed by qualified technicians to ensure a high-performance and fully-synchronized production process for our clients. 



Mechanical C-Frame Presses

Designed mainly to perform cold pressing operations, like stamping, punching, cutting, cutting, forging, and bending for a number of industries, mechanical presses are particularly widespread in manufacturing. They are mainly characterized by high production speed, precision and stroke repetitivity.

Designed for either manual or automatic operations, with compact and ergonomic design, the range of C-frame press machines varies from 300 to 4000 kN.

Offering the perfect balance between productivity and reliability, all of our solutions are built with a solid, heat-treated body and the highest quality EU components to surpass our client’s requirements. VAPTECH’s rich experience in industrial manufacturing gives us the dexterity and confidence to easily create customized machines, built upon standard models in order to fully meet all of our customers’ expectations. 

Mechanical C-frame presses standard press range


Mechanical H-frame Presses


VAPTECH’s mechanical H-frame range comprises of high performance machines with press forces from 1600 to 8000 kN in standard machines and up to 20 000 kN for customized builds. Solutions can vary from one to four connecting rods and include a wide range of optional features and customizations to adapt the machine to even the most specific production needs. Equipped with proprietary algorithms and automation software, all presses offer maximum regulation, interaction and synchronization. Combined with a user friendly interface, operators can easily input parameters for the safe and efficient operation of the machine.

Mechanical H-frame presses standard range


Hydraulic C-Frame Presses

This kind of presses are suitable for various forming, assembly and disassembly operations, requiring a smooth application of the press force.

They are used in a variety of industrial processes such as deep drawing, forming, bending, hоt stamping, calibration, compacting and more. While their main field of application is metal processing, hydraulic presses are also used in the manufacture of non-metallic products. Their key advantage is the stepless adjustment of the press force along the length of the entire stroke.

VAPTECH’s Hydraulic C-frame presses range from 600 to 2500 kN and offering the perfect balance between versatility and reliability.

Hydraulic C-frame presses standard range


Hydraulic H-Frame Presses

VAPTECH’s Hydraulic H-frame presses range from 1000 to 8000 kN in standard machines and up to 30 000 kN for customized builds, offering the perfect balance between high productivity and reliability.

These presses can be used as independent presses, in automated press lines or even as transfer presses for deep drawing, bending, forming or coining operations while ensuring a wide spectrum of application possibilities thanks to their versatility.

Hydraulic H-frame presses standard range


Complete Production Lines

Complete production lines deliver efficient, high-volume production processes of small, medium and large details.

Equipped with suitable peripheral devices, robot and quick die change systems, these lines meet the needs of numerous industries. Depending on the required forming operations, the lines can consist of multiple and diverse types of presses with maximum regulation, interaction and synchronization between all separate devices guaranteed by the integrated proprietary software and automation.

The innovative software package for real-time-monitoring, preventive and predictive maintenance of the industrial equipment offers a user-friendly platform for an efficient fault and events diagnostics to achieve a smooth management process of the line and its tooling, minimizing unplanned downtime


Modernization and Renewal

VAPTECH provides services for refurbishment and modernization of existing metal forming solutions and presses:
• Diagnostics and analysis
• Spare parts
• Repair
• Modernization of the hydraulic and 
     control system
• Modifications according to customer’ 
• Complete Press  refurbishment 
• Electrical modernization and updatе


High Speed Mechanical Presses

VAPTECH’s High Speed Mechanical presses range from 40 to 1250 kN, capable of speeds from 60 to 600 strokes per minute and allowing for very efficient production process.  The machines have a self-balancing system built in to the slide allowing a very high slide-table parity. This system also allows for a very quiet operation of the machine.