VAPTECH To Deliver Kaplan Turbine To Croatia

VAPTECH has been awarded with a pilot kaplan turbine project in Croatia

VAPTECH’ presence in the Balkans has been on a steady increase over the years with its latest presence being in Albania.

Croatia is a very potential market for VAPTECH. As of 2017 the government has set out to invest 403.8 million EUR in clean energy to follow the EU strategy of low-carbon power implementation in Europe. The Environment Social Impact Assessment of South East Europe has claimed that “Hydropower potential is Croatia’s best chance for more energy independence”. Even though only 4.9-7% of Croatias generated electricity stemmed from renewable sources, Croatia’ government has various plans to increase this number.




VAPTECH is a global supplier of equipment and services for both hydropower and metal forming industries. Founded in 1914, VAPTECH holds its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as its production facility in Pleven, Bulgaria located on more than 40,000 sq.m.

HYDRO division of VAPTECH

VAPTECH delivers complete electromechanical equipment for hydropower plants with a main focus on turbines consisting of highly efficient: valves, gates and automation systems. VAPTECH has more than 80 years of experience in the production of small, medium and large turbines with a delivery of over 8,000 MW worth of installed equipment. All of VAPTECH’ mechanical equipment is manufactured and tested in VAPTECH’ production facility.


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Marketing Manager

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