VAPTECH HPP in Macedonia

VAPTECH Successfully Put Into Operation Tikvesh HPP in Macedonia

VAPTECH is proud to announce the commissioning of its turnkey solution Tiskvesh HPP in Macedonia.

The project is operating under a net head of 117,3 m using a flow of 1,1 m3/s. VAPTECH’ scope of supply includes horizontal Francis turbine at rated speed 1000 rpm, butterfly valve DN600PN16, generator, electrical equipment, automation system and supervision of installation works.

The Western Balkan region has the largest remaining unexploited hydropower potential in Europe. Among markets with great potential, are Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria.

In the first three quarters of 2016, VAPTECH established its position in Macedonia with three new projects and the commissioning of HPP Konyarka 235. An additional three projects are expected to be put into operation in Macedonia this year.

VAPTECH has a leading position on the market with more than 50 MW worth of installed hydropower equipment in the country


TG-unit of Tiskvesh HPP



VAPTECH is a global supplier of equipment and services for both hydropower and metal forming industries. Founded in 1914, VAPTECH holds its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as its production facility in Pleven, Bulgaria located on more than 40,000 sq.m.

HYDRO division of VAPTECH

VAPTECH delivers complete electromechanical equipment for hydropower plants with a main focus on turbines consisting of highly efficient: valves, gates and automation systems. VAPTECH has more than 80 years of experience in the production of small, medium and large turbines with a delivery of over 8,000 MW worth of installed equipment. All of VAPTECH’ mechanical equipment is manufactured and tested in VAPTECH’ production facility.


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