VAPTECH Has Successfully Commissioned Mesici-Nova Hydropower Plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On May 30, 2015 Mesici-Nova hydropower plant was put into operation


Mesici-Nova is located in the municipality of Rogatica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The owner of the plant is ZP Elektrodistribucija ad Pale. The installed capacity of HPP Mesic Nova is 5214 kW and it has three turbine-generator sets, each with capacity 1738 kW.

For this project VAPTECH delivered 3 identical vertical Francis turbines and 3 butterfly valves DN1100, PN10. Each of the turbines has capacity of 1738 kW and works in estimated net head of 48,26 meters, flow 4 m3/s and rated speed 600 rpm. The maximum efficiency of the turbines is 93,7%.

The performed guarantees measurements during the operation showed excellent values in terms of efficiency, noise and vibration.

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VAPTECH is a global supplier of equipment and services for both hydropower and metal forming industries. Founded in 1914, VAPTECH holds its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as its production facility in Pleven, Bulgaria located on more than 40,000 sq.m.

HYDRO division of VAPTECH

VAPTECH delivers complete electromechanical equipment for hydropower plants with a main focus on turbines consisting of highly efficient: valves, gates and automation systems. VAPTECH has more than 80 years of experience in the production of small, medium and large turbines with a delivery of over 8,000 MW worth of installed equipment. All of VAPTECH’ mechanical equipment is manufactured and tested in VAPTECH’ production facility.


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