VAPTECH to Deliver Automatic Production Line With 30 Ton C-Frame Mechanical Press

For this project, VAPTECH will design and manufacture fully automated 30 ton mechanical C-frame press VAPRESS™ for production of bandsaw blades.

The equipment will be designed with bolster plate and anti vibration pads. The scope of supply includes also uncoiling, feeding and coiling devices.

/uploads/news/58/thumbs/PE30H_automatic_line_PE30H_inline_inline.jpg Lay-out of the project

The order for this project was received from a client in Romania.



VAPTECH is a global supplier of equipment and services for hydropower and the metal forming industries. Originating in 1914 the company has its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria and a production facility in Pleven. VAPTECH employs more than 270 people and has deliveries worldwide.


VAPTECH delivers complete automated production lines for the metal forming industries with main focus on custom designed hydraulic and mechanical presses and coil handling equipment. The experience in production of presses is more than 50 years and even today the complete machines are manufactured and tested in our own workshop. The metal forming equipment of VAPTECH serves the automotive, HVAC, white goods, consumer electronics, metal packing and other industries.

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Marketing Manager
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