Vlushe HPP in Albania Launched Into Operation.

Hydropower plant Vlushe is located in Albania. The project was put into operation in January 2014.

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For this project VAPTECH has delivered the following electromechanical equipment:


HPP Vlushe operates under a net head of 383,5 m and a maximum discharge of 2,50 m3/s. The flow is utilized by two identical Pelton turbine VAPHYDRO™ with 6 injectors at a rated speed of 750 rpm. The rated turbine output per unit is 8518 kW. The total installed capacity for the power plant is 17036 kW.

HPP Vlushe is the lates project for VAPTECH in Albania. Please, visit references for HPP Truen, HPP Dikance, HPP Rrypa.


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Marketing Manager
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