VAPTECH Delivered Elecromechanical Equipment and Services For Two Hydropower Plants in Albania.

The projects are located in Albania

HPP Truen has been put into operation on October 18th. The plant operates under a net head of 551.5 m and a maximum discharge of 0.5 m3/s. The flow is utilized by Pelton turbine VAPHYDRO™ with 2 injectors and rated speed of 1000 rpm. The rated turbine output is 2470 kW.

In the scope of delivery for HPP Truen VAPTECH provided: • Pelton turbine with horizontal shaft arrangement • Synchronous hydro generator • Spherical valve DN300 PN70 • Oil Governing system (HPU) • PLC based automation system • Additional connection pipe • Supervision of installation

For HPP Dardha 1, VAPTECH has provided diagnosis on the hydropower plant and services for alignment of the turbine-generator shaft line and adjustment for improvement of the plant performance.