HPP Pesocanka-393 Has Been Officially Inaugurated

On August 28, 2013 Hydropower Plant Pesocanka-393 was officially inaugurated. The project was put into operation several months earlier.


HPP Pesocanka-393 is located in Macedonia. The plant owner is Hydroenergy Group doo.

For this project VAPTECH delivered one set of: turbine, inlet valve, generator, hydraulic pressure unit, automation system as well as supervision of installation works and commissioning.


HPP Pesocanka-393 operates under a net head of 92 m and a maximum discharge of 1,05 m3/s. The flow is utilized by one compact low head low speed Pelton turbine VAPHYDRO™ with 6 injectors at a rated speed of 500 rpm. The rated turbine output is 834 kW.

This is the first officially inaugurated project in Macedonia with turnkey solution from VAPTECH. Later this year VAPTECH is expected to commission four more projects in Macedonia.