Steel structures

VAPTECH has 100 years of experience in the refined manufacturing of all types of metal constructions. Besides using its skills and capabilities for its own manufacturing, VAPTECH has also performed projects for some of the world’s industrial leading companies such as Alstom, Andritz, Voest Alpine and Buttner amongst many others.

VAPTECH has supplied equipment for the following fields: • Hydro Industry • Press/metal forming industry • Drying systems and wood industry • Hydraulic steel structures • Trash racks • Conveyor systems/ stacker, reclaimer, hopper, ship unloader • Mechanical equipment for oil & gas subsea systems

VAPTECH possesses various types of high-tech machinery in order to provide all kinds of services and operations; • Procurement of materials • Flame cutting • Plate bending • Welding • Post Weld Heat treatment • Non-destructive testing • Machining • Surface Treatment • Pressure Testing • Workshop assembly and function testing