Hydraulic presses

VAPTECH develops hydraulic presses with press force from 600 kN to 12 000 kN, mainly used for performing deep drawing operations, bending, assembling, disassembling.

The hydraulic presses by VAPTECH have the following features:

• Welded steel structure of the press frame
• Output-controlled axial piston pump
• Separate pump for valves control
• Fast forward stroke
• Stepless adjustment of the stroke length
• Stepless adjustment of press force
• Stepless adjustment of speed
• Roller or sliding guides
• Electronic control panel completed with European- components such as SIEMENS, PILZ, Schneider Electric, ABB
• Stroke counter
• Touch screen
• Mechanical or photocell barrier guards
• Cooling system for the oil
• Heating of the oil
• Bolster plate with T-slots
• Hydraulic die cushion


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