More Than 100 Years of Excellence in Machine Industry and Manufacturing

Founded in 1914, VAPTECH has evolved into a greatly appreciated global supplier of highest quality innovative products, services and solutions in the Hydropower, Metal Forming and Biomass industries.



Since 1914, VAPTECH’s philosophy is uncompromisingly focused on

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Punctuality
  • Innovation
  • Win-win experiences
  • 100+% satisfaction of the clientele 
  • Fastest return on investment for our clients

Every project being unique, VAPTECH goes hand in hand with the client throughout the whole process of its development and implementation, namely

  • Initiating the process with consultancy and advisory
  • Proceeding with design, planning, manufacturing, in-house assembly and testing 
  • Concluding with installation, commissioning, operator training, after sales service and maintenance


VAPTECH offers in addition to its clientele:

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Quick response service teams
  • Diagnostics and analysis
  • Rehabilitation, modernization and overhaul with the aim to increase efficiency
  • Spare parts