What is dataFRUIT?

dataFRUIT IIoT Platform is a complex solution intended to be easily implemented for close collaboration with any type of electromechanical industrial equipment, over already operational local automation systems.

The solution is designed to be an universal platform for easy transfer, storage and REMOTE provisioning of industrial data in "human-readable" way, over TCP/IP (Internet).

The platform is intended to be a mediator between huge amount of industrial data and the end-user.

Industry Applications

  • Hydro-power plants
  • Biomass plants
  • Solar parks
  • Wind farms
  • Energy management
  • Metal forming equipment
  • Production flow lines
  • Food industry
  • Specialized transport
  • Transportation of products with limited durability
  • Containers with special mode
5 key benefits of the platform
  1. Rapidly fast IMPLEMENTATION
  2. Online access to PERSONAL DASHBOARDS
  3. Adaptive logic for NOTIFICATION
  4. Collection and graphic provisioning of HISTORICAL DATA
  5. Visual means to develop logical PREDICTION of events
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