A Philosophy In The Interest of The Client

VAPTECH's corporate philosophy is grounded on common values such as integrity, highest ethical standards, punctuality, precision and innovative thinking in everything it does.

VAPTECH's production facility provides added value to the client in that all processes are done under one roof of 40,000 m2. This allows for strict control over quality and delivery time.                     

Every project executed at VAPTECH’s workshop is coordinated by a highly experienced Project Management team that works closely with the client and provides to them adequate feedback at all times.

VAPTECH uses the most up to date software and methodologies for creating parametric models that allow for shorter design time and guarantees highest efficiency. 


VAPTECH’s design team uses the following types of software: 3D modeling, Linear Static Stress Analysis, Frequency & Buckling Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Non-Linear Analysis, Analysis of Composites, Fatigue Analysis, CFD Fluid Flow Analysis, ASME Stress Analysis, Design Optimization and FEA.